Page 1 of 1 Changelog December 2019

Posted: 17 Dec 2019, 11:54
by [RC]Hunter
The following features have been added/fixed/altered or improved:
  • core system patched to address main functionality issues and to harden security related features
  • fixed fulltext native search to possibly cause long execution times
  • fixed incorrect users search by last visit time in Users list
  • Steam status in private profiles sometimes did not display properly
  • couple of media websites are added to be supported within forum posts, such as, FOX sports and more
  • support for the following media sites removed: blab, foratv, kissvideo, oddshot, viagame, videomega, vidme, zippyshare
  • minor issues of multiple pictures in forum posts are fixed when viewing them using the overlay display (click on them inside posts)
  • picture overlay display is now multi-lingual as well