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We run a couple of well administrated and consistent game servers. Our aim is to have fun, preferrable with a good squad-/teamplay and together with other players enjoying the same style of gaming. We got plenty of steady gamers on our servers and we listen to your feedback or any questions you may encounter.

So if you want to contact us or join our free of charge community, register an acount at this site and leave us a message.

If you are interested to chat with us (=]RC[= members) and other players on our servers, make sure to download the latest Teamspeak 3 Client for your desired operating system. Check our TS3 Server to the right (or bottom on a mobile device) if there are any players or =]RC[= clan members online. Even if it will show empty, join the free to access Lobby channel. Somebody may pick you up from there. :)

Announcement: Ban amnesties / Signups enabled again
posted by [RC]Hunter @ 29 Mar 2019, 13:50

Due to launching the new website we decided to apply amnesties to a couple of ban entries on our various servers.

We removed bans applied in the last couple years created by our automatic tools as well human admin ingame decisions. Only bans related to suspect gameplay, real punkbuster or valve ban entries as well bans for accusing other players or admins will remain as they are.

And yes .....
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Announcement: Neue Webseite / new website!
posted by [RC]Hunter @ 29 Mar 2019, 13:35

For English please read below.

Unsere neue Webseite ist hiermit auf den Weg gebracht.
Es gibt etliche neue Funktionen und vor allem die langjährigen Nutzer werden sich etwas umstellen müssen ... andererseits ... evtl. habt ihr ebenfalls einmal einen etwas frischeren Auftritt gewartet.

Im speziellen Forum zur Webseite (Site feedback) gibt es in ...
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We welcome our newest member: Asocial!
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