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Think I got banned

Posted: 14 Nov 2019, 12:26
by Manager09
Hello, after tking a guy purposely because he kept claiming commander role and did nothing, I got kicked out of the server. Next day I couldn't connect at all, probably got banned. I know what I did was wrong but unfortunately couldn't help it at that time, is it possible to revoke my ban?
Also, consider allowing the "kick player" option because this happens quite often.

Re: Think I got banned

Posted: 14 Nov 2019, 12:49
by [RC]Hunter
Keep in mind that we do only run realism setups for our Rising Storm servers.
Too much team killing will result into an automatic kick from the server and has nothing to do with a kick voting feature.

Which RS server you are referring to in detail and what would be your soldier name, same like your website registration?

Re: Think I got banned

Posted: 14 Nov 2019, 14:17
by Manager09
It's this server: =]RC[= STRATEGO - RS2 Vietnam
Name is the same as here. I was talking about enabling the kick player option. It is very useful in cases where a player abuses a slot different to "Rifleman" class, especially the Commander slot as the Role kick does not perform as it actually should (for example blocking the player from choosing the class he got kicked out from for a few minutes).

Re: Think I got banned

Posted: 15 Nov 2019, 11:37
by [RC]Hunter

The player vote kick option is disabled on purpose, due to players misusing it too often. The role kick feature allows to kick Commanders or SL from their positions, as well we keep it to a pretty decent low percentage of YES votes in order to be successful.

Once the desired player has been voted from his role, somebody else should claim the position. If this does not happen, it is legit that even the dismissed player may returns to the desired role.

If I imagine there would have been a player kick vote option enabled as well, I would assume you would have initiated a vote kick of this particular player next and most players would have pressed F1 to get rid of the disturbing vote dialog box ... ,-)

Back to the question of a ban yes/no, since you probably teamkilled him a few times, you got automatically kicked from the server with a temporar session ban. Means as long the same map was active, you could not rejoin. However there was no permanent server ban on your account, therefore you may rejoin anytime you want.

If you encounter any issues joining the server, let us know.