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30 Jun 2008, 11:27

=] EoN [= espresso wrote:I don't remember every single word said but a fact is that a lot of players were "moaning", as you call it, about all those heli-maps following each other. Even if you don't change the map rotation, 2 rounds would accelerate map changes and therefore solve the problem too.
Hm ... sorry to insist to the fact that I cannot find any particular message(s) about heli maps following each other nor the amount of rounds ...
Just yesterday for example, the server started one of the first maps with air vehicles and due whatever reason gained more than 10 players instantly joining the game. Followed by the current order we got like hastings/irving/dart/warden/lang vei sessions going on with an average amount of 15 players being online. Out of these perhaps half played most of the maps, in between new players joined. When the map cycle turned into a city map, almost everybody left ... after a short while a few players joined the city battle known to me playing more than just a few times at Stratego and mainly joining for infantry wars only.
And besides all that: Why not stick with iD's suggestion and try those things out for 2 weeks or so and if it doesn't work change it back to its current state?
What means does not work ? At present I do not see any reason to change it.

I believe what you face here is the fact that you would like to play all different kind of maps. This of course interfiers with the way Stratego hosts the maps and cycles at present. As simple as that. In reality your "game style" does not fit to most of the players in my opinion. I repeat myself, I replied it already in the other thread what made me change to this particular style of hosting.
I think we're "over-discussing" things. After all... it's just a game. ;)
Aha ! Well I agree, however iD just requested more input yesterday and since I just returned this saturday (what I wrote already) I at least would like to give you guys a feedback. I like input, but I also like to explain where I am coming from with certain settings.
As well the current vote result of the few voices gathered say´s it all ...

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30 Jun 2008, 13:08

lol, well, after all its just a game. sure it is, hehe. i saw too many discussions bout server settings on other servers. everyone has his own preferences, poor admins will never be able to satisfy all of those needs. plus ppl start yelling at each other (for no real reason if we try to be honest). certainly we dont want this to happen here, we r lucky that it was a 3 ppl discussion, not a 30 ppl discussion. :P

i am personally fine with a row of heli maps and a row of city or jungle maps. im a chopper-hoe so this is fine with me. just thought other players might not think the same.

but as far as repetitions r concerned i still think that 2 rounds per map would be enough and also more reasonable than 3 rounds in terms of better fairness for all. :D


30 Jun 2008, 22:13

I can see your reasons for running the server the way it is now. I can also see that you are not willing to make any changes (map cycle) or adaptions (2 instead of 3 rounds).
Hey... it was just a suggestion... it's your server. Run it the way you think it should be.

This discussion is over for me.


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