couple of information about or how to join =]RC[= / einige Informationen in Bezug auf =]RC[= und wie man Mitglied werden kann
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09 Jan 2012, 18:48

§1 Like-minded
The main intension for us is having good times while playing our favorite games. We already have a few years on the hump and RL is the top priority for us - therefore we don't belong to the swearing, ultra-skilled 15 years old boys, which play a game every day for many hours. So we are no hardcore gamers but nevertheless we want to have fun and meet for gaming every day which allows us to enjoy our hobby.

§2 Multigaming
We are a multigaming clan. There is a squad for every game we play (i.e. BC2, INS, RS2 ...). As a member of our clan you have to register at least for one of our squads - according to the personal interests it's also possible to register for more or all squads. A simultaneous membership at an another clan for the same game is not allowed.

§3 Conditions for communication
Every member of our group has to sign up on our website in order to receive all desired information since this is our HQ. Additionally the use of our teamspeak server is mandatory while gaming with VoIP functionalities.

§4 Clan tag
Our clan tag is =]RC[=. The tag has to be used as prefix in front of your player name, plus a space to the player name. If you play on other game servers you can use our clan tag, but it's no duty. And remember: if you are using our clan tag you have to behave accordingly, since you represent our clan publicly at this moment.

§5 Behaviour in games and the community
Without any rules it's not possible to keep the fun up for everybody. That's why every member of our group should keep the following rules in mind - even if you play on other game servers as well as in postings on websites:

- always observe the rules on the respective servers and their admins

- opponents are to be treated with respect

- terms of abuse and common language are to be avoided - say it with flowers :-)

- Anti-Semitism or insults on accounts of religious, ethical or political origin are absolutely taboo

A regular contact with the group members is necessary while playing on our game servers, in the teamspeak channels or on our website.

Members should spend the majority of their gaming times on our own =]RC[= STRATEGO game servers of the particular game. This will assure a positive usage and gain a high visibility for our servers and the clan itself within the particular gaming scene.

§6 Cheats / Tweaks / Hacks
The use of cheats, tweaks and hacks is strictly prohibited. In case of an offence an exclusion will occur.

§7 Training and playing times
Our members are not obliged to carry out regular training or playing times per week, because RL has the top priority for us (as mentioned in §1). Nevertheless, every member is responsible to maintain his own skill level or to improve further. This would happen automatically anyway, if you just follow the request to play as often as time permits with our members as a team.

If a member will be prevented for a certain period (e.g. important issues in RL), it will not have any negative effects in regards to the membership. But: in this case a short notice should be given to one of the leaders. If a member becomes inactive for 3 months, his membership ends automatically and his status changes into Missing In Action (MIA).

§8 Access keys & internal information
Any passwords used within our group (e.g. accesses for teamspeak channels or game servers) have to be treated confidentially and it's not permitted to transmit those information to non-members. The same applies to any other internal information posted on our internal forum boards. In case of an offence an exclusion from the clan occurs.

§9 Recruiting
We welcome new warriors in our group at any time, it all depends on you to make this happen.

If you are a like-minded player according to our rules, who wants to join us to have some fun, we aren't declined to recruit you.

First of all you will have to read our rules set completely and acknowledge your agreement while posting your join request through the application form. Every member of our clan may suggest a potential new member. The leaders decide about an admission into the clan, while considering the request with other clan members.

§10 Trial period for new members
The trial period for new members does last minimum two weeks. New candidates need to request a signup, join our Teamspeak and continue to play several times on our game servers with at least one of our members. One of the leaders will inform the candidate about the confirmation or refusal for the admission within a suitable time. Keep in mind, the more efforts and presence you show in playing on our servers with us, the faster your access to our group will be granted.

§11 Age restriction
The minimum age for the acquisition is 18 years.

§12 Contribution payment
The membership is free of charge. Once your join request has been granted, you advance to the "members" level.

We differentiate in between two levels:


- you are allowed to use the =]RC[= clantag
- full access to the forums
- advanced Teamspeak server access level
- if game permits, be protected against automated teams balancing

You will maintain this membership as long as you:

- follow our clan rules
- primarily play on our servers
- help on our servers to get them going, join them even if they are empty


In order to gain this level, it will be mandatory that you make a monthly donation of 5.00 EUR/USD to help with the operating costs.
This will give you an InGame Admin acess, enabling you to kick and ban players not abiding by the server rules after providing us the confidence to be able becoming a valuable admin. In addition you will receive a reserved/VIP slot on our game servers.

We welcome any additional donation from any friendly reader or player - even if they are not interested in joining the =]RC[= dedicated group - since unfortunately gameservers and website cannot run for free. Please do provide your particular game and your ingame soldier name in order to allow us to show some gratitude for your donation.

=]RC[= Hunter
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