How to become a member?

couple of information about or how to join =]RC[= / einige Informationen in Bezug auf =]RC[= und wie man Mitglied werden kann
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09 Jan 2012, 18:09

First of all join the website if you haven't already. That is an essential part and required to get further.

After your registration took place you will be able to fill an application formular and ideally you jump right away into our teamspeak server or you request the required teamspeak server data if needed. Even if you can only access the lobby, you may stay there for a while since we will join you there if we notice your presence.

You must have and use TeamSpeak, with headset only, not a mic and great large bloody speakers (as this causes echo).

If you refuse to use TeamSpeak, then don't apply to become a member.

Get to know us a little. We wouldn't want you to commit yourself to anything if you don't get on with us and visa-versa. For this you need of course to read about our group rules as well.

I don't want to sound racist here, as we are against any form of racism, but we are an English/German speaking clan. If you cannot speak/write English or German, then this group may not be for you. We're not bothered how good or bad your English or German is, as long as we can understand what you are trying to say.

After a few weeks, depending on how many times you have played and been on TS, a majority vote will be made about whether you are allowed to become a member of RC or if we refuse your membership.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me directly.

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