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A new player

Posted: 15 Mar 2021, 14:19
Hello, I am new to this forum and I wanted to say hello to everyone.
I play on the insurgency server under the tag of [Bicharrakos] JOC CAMPEADOR
I have noticed that the Dry Canal map has been removed from this server
Could it be included in the list of maps again? And, if it wasn't too much to ask, could Panj's map be included as well?
Greetings and thank you very much for having a really good server, although sometimes we miss an in-game administrator

All the best

Re: A new player

Posted: 16 Mar 2021, 07:59
by [RC]Hunter
Hello and welcome to our site!

Players like or dislike maps, this is relative and a personal perception as we all know. :-)

However Panji and Drycanal have been removed since the records over several months showed, that especially these maps are leading to an empty out server at prime time. Since none of us was pushing hard to keep them either, the choice was made to keep them out at present.

Re: A new player

Posted: 18 Mar 2021, 19:46
Thank you very much for the reply, I hope that at some point these maps will be included again.
All the best