Follow up on the "Better autobalacing topic"

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26 May 2020, 18:20


I think if we just try something to do something about the one sided matches. Because every match is one sided, EVERY match.

I'm back from a little break and every time i join the server my team get absolution destroyed. Not even by good players. So when i join i'm tryharding like hell to take flags, kill evryone, switching squads so people can spawn on me, but whatever i try NOTHING is changing, match after match after match we will get tripple capped and spawncamped.

Lets watch this picture together:

I added numbers here, we are getting triple capped, there are 6 SNIPERS DOING ABSOLUT NOTHING. WAT ARE THEY EVEN TRYING TO DO THERE? This is not just Ohh boohoee we getting rekt lets start camping. THIS is wat they do ALL GAME. We had 2 flags at the start but lost evrything because we are 6 man down. I'm fine with snipers, but if they can't even MOVE OR KILL more than 2 people in a hole game, well sorry for my French but try fcking FORTNITE with sbmm.

Atleast try a new rule in the server, 2 SNIPERS max a team? Maybe even 1?

Let me know wat u think about this.