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29 Mar 2019, 13:50

Due to launching the new website we decided to apply amnesties to a couple of ban entries on our various servers.

We removed bans applied in the last couple years created by our automatic tools as well human admin ingame decisions. Only bans related to suspect gameplay, real punkbuster or valve ban entries as well bans for accusing other players or admins will remain as they are.

And yes ... before somebody cries out loud, we removed as well our often discussed "unsual killrate bans" on our Bad Company 2 servers, even if this will open the door again to surely catched cheater accounts. However, since the game turns older and the entries last for many years already, perhaps the desired cheater is no longer playing this title anyway.

Furthermore I would like to inform, that signups to our website are enabled again. We had to block them in the last couple weeks due to the related work moving to a new website infrastructure.

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